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AMII – Art Make In India

AMII – Art Make In India is a unique one-stop platform for all your corporate supplies. We are promoting different categories of Handicrafts at very competitive prices and connecting of bridge actual maker or Artisan to B2B buyers. AMII-Art Make In India constantly making an effort to bring in the best products for our users and to provide them with the best and hassle-free business-to-business technology.

We are part of the great initiative taken by our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in the aspect of Make in India for the Welfare of Indian citizens. We have taken a few steps to contribute a small part in it hence we develop a website named AMII -Art Make In India.

Our Story

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A community of small businesses that sell their amazing products to you.

AMII-Art Make In India also keeping up with frequently changing market trends
presents a major challenge for handicraft markets. Their
position is based largely on low-cost, high-volume, Western-designed products.
We have built a platform to create a single point contact for buyers and sellers, where each can find something to buy and sell.

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